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How to switch between business and private?

Use the Business & Private toggle in the App. This ensures you don’t have to pay taxes afterwards. So be aware which account you use when booking a ride.

What are the costs?


  1. City car: €2,95 p/u (max €29,50 p/d) + €0,27/km incl. tax
  2. Family car: €3,25 p/u (max €32,50 p/d) + €0,29/km incl. tax
  3. Electric car: €3,25 p/u (max €32,50 p/d) + €0,24/km incl. tax

Your costs are covered by your employer, lucky you 🙂

All these prices are including fuel

How do I pay?

All rides will be calculated based on time and distance travelled. We will send you the bill after your ride.


  • Business rides will be charged monthly with your employer, you will be free of charge!
  • Private rides will be charged from your credit card. In case you don’t have a creditcard, please contact us via mail, phone or whatsapp (support@figo.app I 06 42 25 99 79).
Am I insured?

All cars are insured via our third party providers so you can drive without a worry. Your liability is €500,- for each incident which can be lowered to €250,- by paying €3,50 extra per day.

Can I visit another country with the car?

Sure! You can drive to each European country. Road assistance is included in our service.

Please contact us when you want to take a car to a non-European country to prevent connection problems to open the car.