Hey student in Eindhoven, you like the sound of an e-bike for 2 months for free or €300 travel budget for a shared mobility? Great! Please register yourself for our mobility survey by clicking on the button. Good for you, good for us, good for a greener and more vital future.

Would you like to participate in our research you must meet at least one of the requirements below:

✓ I take a course at Fontys, Summa College or TU/e
✓ I regularly travel to my study by car
✓ I live up to 20 kilometers away from my study program or take the car to go to a trainstation

In May and Juni you can choose for…

A free e-bike from Swapfiets
The e-bike is yours in May and June. At the
end of the research period, you return it.

€300 for shared scooters via Figo
Via the Figo app a travel budget of €300 will
be available for shared mobility (felyx and Check)

What do we ask of you?

✓ You will participate from the beginning of May, 2024 to the end of June 2024
✓ You will fill out a questionnaire before and after the survey. This will take less than half an hour
✓ During the research, you will keep track of how you travel to your school, when and why. That takes five minutes a week, you get a link every week!
✓ Finally, we will have a short conversation with you.

All together, the investment time will be less than 2 hours.

Notice: there is no right or wrong travel behavior!

Should you take your bike or shared scooter more often during this research? No, certainly not! You can also use the e-bike to go to your sport or friends. We only gather information about the travel behavior of students. So there is no certain way your travel behavior should be during the research.

About our research

The roads and streets in the region Brainport are crowded. This is bad for nature and economic growth. Therefore we, our educational institutions, want to encourage students to make greener and more sustainable future mobility choices. The research question is how can we, as educational institutions, make student travel behavior more sustainable.

Therefore we need insight into students’ current travel behavior and the motivation and reasons behind the choices taken. This research gives us the information needed. Based on the results, we will advise the government program of Brainport Bereikbaar and the involved educational institutions on future policies and interventions aimed at making student mobility in the region Brainport more sustainable.

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